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About Envoy


Envoy is a ministry of Kingdom Life Ministries DC.  We are church-planters, pastors, and ministers on the front lines of politics and culture in our nation's capital.    


Envoy wasn't created to make a profit or advance a hidden agenda.  Instead, we share the unvarnished and objective Truth.  In fact, our objective is simple: We share hope.  God is moving in a world-changing way, but the church doesn't hear about it. We are changing that.  


Here's how. Every event in our natural world is caused by the spirit realm.  Put another way, everything you see is caused by what you can't see. Our team walks and talks in relationship with the Holy Spirit as we live in and around the church and politics.  


Envoy produces a weekly on-air broadcast and podcast where we provide insight and analysis on the latest political and cultural events and their spiritual causes and implications. We share the spiritual realities behind the political news of our day so the church can pray for heaven to be revealed on earth.

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