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Meet the Team

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Carrington Adkins has served in ministry for nearly three decades. A ‘jack-of-all-trades,’ his areas of leadership experience includes church-planting, worship, missionary projects, and travel photography.


In college, Carrington had a spiritual encounter with God while pursuing a degree in Accounting at North Carolina State University. Thereafter, he attended the Leadership Training School under his spiritual father and Chief Prelate over Fellowship of International Churches, Bishop Wellington Boone. Carrington’s training emphases were apologetics, biblical business principles, and servant leadership with the goal of using education to develop spiritual influencers in education, business, law, civil government, and entertainment.


Ordained into ministry afterward, Carrington went on to assist with church plants in Raleigh, NC, Nashville, TN, and Atlanta, GA, including his own 30-member home church. He then was appointed Director over Wellington Boone Ministries where he served in full-time ministry for nearly four years.  In this role, Carrington traveled the country and shared his testimony to over 30,000 people. His most recent global outreach project is in Germany with plans to expand to other countries in Europe and Africa.


Carrington also travels abroad to shoot photography. His work has been featured by Dateline NBC, Sysco Corporation and other major corporations. 


Making a home in Washington, DC and connecting with Kingdom Life Ministries DC has provided Carrington a Kingdom-focused local home church. There, he exercises years of foundation-setting while serving as a worship leader, beside Carmela, his college sweetheart and wife of 27 years.  Together, they have one son and one granddaughter.


Jason King currently serves as the Celina City Council President in Ohio.  He’s held this elected office since 2010. 


After teaching high school math for seven years, Jason moved into the full-time ministry in 2003. He currently serves as a pastor at New Life Christian Center in Celina, Ohio and as a founding pastor at Kingdom Life Ministries in Washington, DC. Jason also serves on the Board of Directors of Apostolic Team Ministries (ATM), a global outreach organization that passionately advances “the Kingdom of God into all the earth.”   In this role, Jason travels to plant and build churches throughout the USA and internationally to countries such as Belize, Guatemala, Haiti, Peru, Brazil, England, and Wales.

Jason received his B.S. in Secondary Education from Bowling Green State University.  He married his high school sweetheart, Joèl, in 1996, and they have four beautiful children, Joshua, Jaden, Aliyah, and Aaren.  

Laurence McKenny has worked in the commercial real estate industry in and around Washington, DC for the past 16 years. Laurence had a spiritual encounter with God during his college years and has been active in evangelistic ministries throughout the DC area since then.

Laurence was raised in Warrenton, Virginia. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Washington & Lee University and a Master in Real Estate Development from Georgetown University. He is the proud father of his three children Lilly, Porter, and Chase.


Tim Powers brings more than thirty years of experience in national politics, government relations and the public affairs arena. Beginning in the campaign field in the mid-1980s, Powers worked in numerous state and national political campaigns, including serving in the political operations of the presidential campaigns of both (then VP) George H.W. Bush and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole. After serving as an appointee at the U.S. EPA, and several positions working in the private sector, Tim was asked by then-GOP Chairman (and former MS Governor) Haley Barbour in 1993 to serve as his Deputy Director of the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) Congressional Affairs and Strategic Planning operation. In this role, his work included coordinating planning and operations surrounding the 1994 “Contract with America” and profile development around the reinvigorated Republican Governors Association (RGA).


In the 2000 election cycle, Tim served roles on the George W. Bush for President campaign teams in Iowa and Pennsylvania and, after the election, was appointed to the Bush/Cheney transition team at the U.S. Department of Commerce. Following his work at the RNC, Tim joined the public affairs firm of Podesta Associates in 1995, helping to establish the firm’s GOP operations.  During his nearly seven years at the firm, Powers worked on a wide variety of issue areas including pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, finance and insurance legislation, appropriations and many others. His work on behalf of his clients has not been limited exclusively to federal government relations, but has also included corporate crisis management, media training and corporate rollout (both pre and post-IPO). In 2002, Powers began his own firm, Artemis Strategies, which has expanded beyond federal government affairs to include corporate leadership strategy to assist CEOs and C-Suite management in development of their Washington profiles, and work with our nation’s governors. In that capacity, Tim has served as a member of the RGA’s National Finance Committee for eighteen years (one of the longest-serving members). This capacity has allowed him to work closely with many of the nation’s most prominent Governors on a wide variety of policy areas.


Tim was named by Campaigns and Elections magazine as one of 2002’s "Top Rising Stars" of Politics -- an honor reserved for only a handful of individuals from each party. Tim continues to stay active in the political trenches, having served in various operational capacities in the last six national party conventions, and his many years of experience as a legislative, political and grassroots strategy expert allow him to continue to serve in advisory capacities to Senators, Members of Congress, Governors and their staffs.

Tim is married to Ellen, his bride of 29 years, and together they have three children, Timothy II, Kiersten, and Mirian.  


HG Strickland has planted churches, launched ministries, and has raised up leaders across denominational lines for the past 25 years. In fulfilling that call, God has taken him far beyond traditional ministry and church leadership to lead charities, foundations, businesses, and even train government leaders on Capitol Hill to operate in their identity and purpose.  


Over that span, HG has served in a number of capacities including as CEO of Conx2share, a social media platform for mobile devices, which was built from the ground up with numerous pioneering features.  In this role, he also launched Save a Life Project Foundation, an organization that fights bullying and addiction. Prior to that, HG was a trainer and coach for business leaders, a founder of a business consulting and marketing firm, and served as the President of SoPro Energy.   


The experience gained from business and ministry enables HG to travel the world teaching “Work Is Worship” and train people to live a life of purpose in the Kingdom of God. This revelation empowers people to incorporate their spiritual life into everyday life and to serve God where He places them. Work Is Worship groups have now been launched in businesses, public schools, a city government, and is taught in boardrooms throughout Washington, D.C.  


HG currently serves as a pastor at Restoration Church in Defiance, Ohio and as a founding pastor at Kingdom Life Ministries DC, a church planted just a couple blocks from the White House.  


HG has a Doctor of Ministry from Vision Christian Bible College & Seminary, where he serves on the national board, is the International Director, co-chairs the Department of Ministry, and is a mentoring professor in the Master and Doctoral Programs. He is a Director of Apostolic Team Ministries International and is a founding Director on the Board of Kingdom Leadership International.   He is married to the love of his life and ministry partner, Chaley, and together they have two sons, Tristan and Gavin.

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